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DeVries Dolber Realty LLC
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A photo of Janet Dolber
Janet Dolber
Mass General Contractor/
Real Estate Broker/REALTOR®
The Dolber Team

My professional drive has been generated from the desire to learn and experience all aspects of this field. For the past 36 years I have been working in the field of sales; and in the last 25 years I have worked in all avenues of the real estate profession including sales, development and construction.

As a contractor, I gained experience from building single-family homes in Northbridge which has given me the ability to better understand new construction and new home sales. As a former appraiser, who appraised hundreds of properties from single-family, multi-family, vacant land, subdivisions and commercial buildings; I have a good insight into financing, market conditions and permitting issues. My experience as an on-site broker has given me a better understanding and a compassion for both — buyers and sellers. In addition, I also have a thorough understand of the town procedures of permits, zonings and approvals having dealt with all of these aspects during real estate transactions.

Having such experience with all avenues of this field has allowed me to better understand the market and this turn allows me to better inform and counsel my clients.